Helpless Hooters Girl (Video)

2017-09-12 − Vivian Ireene Pierce − 3:21 Minuten
Helpless Hooters Girl (Video) 0

Lovely Hooters girl Vivian Ireene Pierce bound and gagged.

Helpless Hooters Girl

2017-09-11 − Vivian Ireene Pierce − 63 Bilder
Helpless Hooters Girl 0

Lovely Hooters girl Vivian Ireene Pierce tied and gagged in her hotel room.

Reporter Chronicles-Jasmin (Video)

2017-08-29 − Jasmin Jai − 16:03 Minuten
Reporter Chronicles-Jasmin (Video) 0

A lovely news reporter gets a tip that a master criminal is in town and is staying at a local hotel. Jasmin manages to get a master door key from the manager and sneaks into his room to snoop around. Suddenly the pretty girl is quickly subdued. Minutes later, Miss Jai is lying on the bed in his room, tied up and gagged.

Reporter Chronicles-Kristyna (Video)

2017-08-17 − Kristyna Dark − 18:10 Minuten
Reporter Chronicles-Kristyna (Video) 0

In the first installment of this series, a pretty reporter investigates a master criminal. As the reporter snoops around his motel room, she is quickly subdued . Minutes later, the pretty girl is on a bed, bound and gagged.

Reporter Chronicles-Kristyna

2017-08-16 − Kristyna Dark − 208 Bilder
Reporter Chronicles-Kristyna 0

Sweet reporter Kristyna Dark caught snooping and left bound and gagged.

50's Lingerie Caper Part 2 (B&W)

2017-03-14 − Tomiko − 117 Bilder
50's Lingerie Caper Part 2 (B&W) 0

Nostalgic version of this photo set.

50's Lingerie Caper

2017-02-28 − Mo Rina − 78 Bilder
50's Lingerie Caper 0

Nostalgic version of this set.

50's Lingerie Caper Part 3

2017-02-11 − Nyxon − 20:35 Minuten
50's Lingerie Caper Part 3 0

In the final part of this series, A lovely retro lingerie model (Nyxon) is in her hotel room awaiting a photographer for what she thinks will be a "routine photo shoot". Unaware to her, the photographer is already in her room, and quickly subdues the pretty girl. A short time later, sweet Nyxon is on the bed, tied up and gagged.

The News Babe

2016-12-07 − Constance − 20:37 Minuten
The News Babe 0

A lovely TV news reporter (Constance) gets a tip from an informant that a master criminal has been taking attractive girls from nightclubs and leaving them tied and gagged. She finds out where he is holed up and sneaks into his place to snoop around. Constance discovers an envelope. When the pretty girl sees inside, she is shocked to find photos of the girls bound and gagged. She is quickly grabbed from behind and subdued. Minutes later, sweet Constance is seated on a chair,helplessly tied and gagged.