Perils of Lightning Girl

2016-04-08 Lynn Winters 13:34 minutes Bondage
Perils of Lightning Girl 0
Perils of Lightning Girl 1
Perils of Lightning Girl 2
Perils of Lightning Girl 3
Perils of Lightning Girl 4

Pretty Lightning Girl (Lynn Winters) is snooping around a house when the girl is grabbed from behind.  Minutes later, sweet Lightning Girl is on the floor, bound and gagged.

The District Attorney

2016-04-08 Lynn Winters 9:59 minutes Bondage
The District Attorney 0
The District Attorney 1
The District Attorney 2
The District Attorney 3
The District Attorney 4

New district attorney Lynn Winters is caught snooping around a house and is kept helplessly bound and gagged.

Lady In Red

2016-04-08 Lynn Winters 10:15 minutes Bondage
Lady In Red 0
Lady In Red 1
Lady In Red 2
Lady In Red 3
Lady In Red 4

Lovely blonde Miss Winters is kept tied and gagged in her bedroom.

China Doll

2016-04-08 Lynn Winters 10:54 minutes Bondage
China Doll 0
China Doll 1
China Doll 2
China Doll 3
China Doll 4

Cute blonde Lynn Winters arrives home from a party. Wearing a Chinese dress, the sweet blonde is grabbed by an intruder from behind her. Miss Winters ends up seated on a chair bound and gagged.

Harley Rae, Private Investigator

2016-04-08 24:22 minutes Bondage
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 0
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 1
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 2
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 3
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 4

Lovely blonde investigator Miss Rae is snooping around a room when she is quickly grabbed from behind. Later, Miss Rae is on couch, bound and gagged.

Investigative Reporter

2016-04-08 Claire Vail 8:33 minutes Bondage
Investigative Reporter 0
Investigative Reporter 1
Investigative Reporter 2
Investigative Reporter 3
Investigative Reporter 4

A pretty blonde reporter(Claire Vail) is snooping around a motel suite. Suddenly, the blonde is quickly grabbed from behind . Later, the sweet girl is on a couch, tied and gagged.

Wonder Woman Caught Snooping

2016-04-08 Claire Vail 23:41 minutes Bondage
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 0
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 1
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 2
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 3
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 4

Lovely Wonder Woman (Claire V.) is snooping around a motel suite. The girl finds a pile of rope and duct tape. As Wonder Woman looks at them, the girl is quickly grabbed from behind.  A short time later, the lovely girl finds herself bound and gagged on a couch, her magic lasso and bracelets gone.

Hooters Convention

2016-04-07 Dakkota Grey 18:47 minutes Bondage
Hooters Convention 0
Hooters Convention 1
Hooters Convention 2
Hooters Convention 3
Hooters Convention 4

Pretty Hooters girl Dakkota is resting in he motel suite when she suddenly grabbed by an intruder.  Minutes later, sweet Dakkota is lying on a bed helplessly bound and gagged.

The Actress

2016-04-07 Dakkota Grey 27:19 minutes Bondage
The Actress 0
The Actress 1
The Actress 2
The Actress 3
The Actress 4

Lovely blonde actress Dakkota Grey waits in her motel suite for her producer to arrives. As she watches from the window, a masked intruder sneaks up behind her, grabbed the blonde quickly and renders her helpless. A short time later, Miss Grey is on a couch, tied and gagged.

The Stewardess

2016-04-07 22:14 minutes Bondage
The Stewardess 0
The Stewardess 1
The Stewardess 2
The Stewardess 3
The Stewardess 4

Pretty stewardess Morina walks into her motel room after a layover. As the sweet blonde walks in, she is quickly grabbed by a masked intruder and rendered helpless. Minutes later, the pretty girl is on a bed tied & gagged.