Hooters Convention

Dakkota Grey18:47 minutesBondage
Hooters Convention 0
Hooters Convention 1
Hooters Convention 2
Hooters Convention 3
Hooters Convention 4

Pretty Hooters girl Dakkota is resting in he motel suite when she suddenly grabbed by an intruder.  Minutes later, sweet Dakkota is lying on a bed helplessly bound and gagged.

The Actress

Dakkota Grey27:19 minutesBondage
The Actress 0
The Actress 1
The Actress 2
The Actress 3
The Actress 4

Lovely blonde actress Dakkota Grey waits in her motel suite for her producer to arrives. As she watches from the window, a masked intruder sneaks up behind her, grabbed the blonde quickly and renders her helpless. A short time later, Miss Grey is on a couch, tied and gagged.

The Stewardess

22:14 minutesBondage
The Stewardess 0
The Stewardess 1
The Stewardess 2
The Stewardess 3
The Stewardess 4

Pretty stewardess Morina walks into her motel room after a layover. As the sweet blonde walks in, she is quickly grabbed by a masked intruder and rendered helpless. Minutes later, the pretty girl is on a bed tied & gagged.