Sports Reporter (Video) 0
Sports Reporter (Video) 1
Sports Reporter (Video) 2
Sports Reporter (Video) 3
Sports Reporter (Video) 4

A lovely sports reporter (Bella Ink) gets a chance to interview a sports star at his motel. Once there, the pretty girl realizes he is nowhere around As Bella looks around, The pretty blonde is quickly subdued by a masked intruder. A short time later, Miss Ink is in another room, seated on a small table, tightly tied up and gagged. 

50's Lingerie Caper

Mo Rina78 imagesBondage
50's Lingerie Caper 0
50's Lingerie Caper 1
50's Lingerie Caper 2
50's Lingerie Caper 3
50's Lingerie Caper 4

Nostalgic version of this set.

The News Babe

55 imagesBondage
The News Babe 0
The News Babe 1
The News Babe 2

Lovely TV reporter Constance bound and gagged.

The Secretary

3:45 minutesBondage
The Secretary 0
The Secretary 1
The Secretary 2
The Secretary 3
The Secretary 4

Lovely secretary Kimberly Marvel agrees to do a "photo shoot" at a motel with her new boss. When the sweet girl arrives, she is quickly subdued and helplessly tied and gagged.

The Lingerie Model

Lynn Winters13:23 minutesBondage
The Lingerie Model 0
The Lingerie Model 1
The Lingerie Model 2
The Lingerie Model 3
The Lingerie Model 4

Pretty lingerie model Miss Winters is the bound and gagged captive of an obsessed fan.

Tied To A Stool

Lynn Winters4:54 minutesBondage
Tied To A Stool 0
Tied To A Stool 1
Tied To A Stool 2
Tied To A Stool 3
Tied To A Stool 4

Sweet Miss Winters arrives home to find one of her bar stools in her living room. As the blonde goes to move it, she is quickly grabbed from behind. Later, Miss Winters finds herself tied to a stool and gagged.

Home Invasion

Lynn Winters9:45 minutesBondage
Home Invasion 0
Home Invasion 1
Home Invasion 2
Home Invasion 3
Home Invasion 4

Executive secretary Lynn Winters is the bound and gagged victim of a home invasion.

His Executive Secretary 0
His Executive Secretary 1
His Executive Secretary 2
His Executive Secretary 3
His Executive Secretary 4

Lovely secretary Dakkota bound and gagged on a couch.

The Model Abductions Part 3 0
The Model Abductions Part 3 1
The Model Abductions Part 3 2
The Model Abductions Part 3 3
The Model Abductions Part 3 4

Lovely fashion model Hannah Perez kept bound and gagged by a crazed photographer.

The Model Abductions Part 2  0
The Model Abductions Part 2  1
The Model Abductions Part 2  2
The Model Abductions Part 2  3
The Model Abductions Part 2  4

Pretty blonde fashion model Carol Fleming (Dakkota Grey) is kept tied and gagged by a psycho photographer.

The Hooters Girl

Dakkota Grey18:36 minutesBondage
The Hooters Girl 0
The Hooters Girl 1
The Hooters Girl 2
The Hooters Girl 3
The Hooters Girl 4

Sweet blonde Hooters girl Dakkota tied and gagged.

The Nosy Reporter

Dakkota Grey13:23 minutesBondage
The Nosy Reporter 0
The Nosy Reporter 1
The Nosy Reporter 2
The Nosy Reporter 3
The Nosy Reporter 4

Lovely reporter Dakkota Grey is snooping around an old house, when she's suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged off. A short time later, the lovely blonde is seated on a chair, tied and gagged.


The Model Abductions Part 1 0
The Model Abductions Part 1 1
The Model Abductions Part 1 2
The Model Abductions Part 1 3
The Model Abductions Part 1 4

Lovely fashion model Sylvia Henderson (Constance Cak-P) agrees to do a "routine fashion shoot" with a photographer, Later Miss Henderson is in a back room, helplessly bound and gagged.


Perils of Lightning Girl 0
Perils of Lightning Girl 1
Perils of Lightning Girl 2
Perils of Lightning Girl 3
Perils of Lightning Girl 4

Pretty Lightning Girl (Lynn Winters) is snooping around a house when the girl is grabbed from behind.  Minutes later, sweet Lightning Girl is on the floor, bound and gagged.

The District Attorney 0
The District Attorney 1
The District Attorney 2
The District Attorney 3
The District Attorney 4

New district attorney Lynn Winters is caught snooping around a house and is kept helplessly bound and gagged.

Lady In Red

Lynn Winters10:15 minutesBondage
Lady In Red 0
Lady In Red 1
Lady In Red 2
Lady In Red 3
Lady In Red 4

Lovely blonde Miss Winters is kept tied and gagged in her bedroom.

China Doll

Lynn Winters10:54 minutesBondage
China Doll 0
China Doll 1
China Doll 2
China Doll 3
China Doll 4

Cute blonde Lynn Winters arrives home from a party. Wearing a Chinese dress, the sweet blonde is grabbed by an intruder from behind her. Miss Winters ends up seated on a chair bound and gagged.

Harley Rae, Private Investigator 0
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 1
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 2
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 3
Harley Rae, Private Investigator 4

Lovely blonde investigator Miss Rae is snooping around a room when she is quickly grabbed from behind. Later, Miss Rae is on couch, bound and gagged.

Investigative Reporter 0
Investigative Reporter 1
Investigative Reporter 2
Investigative Reporter 3
Investigative Reporter 4

A pretty blonde reporter(Claire Vail) is snooping around a motel suite. Suddenly, the blonde is quickly grabbed from behind . Later, the sweet girl is on a couch, tied and gagged.

Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 0
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 1
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 2
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 3
Wonder Woman Caught Snooping 4

Lovely Wonder Woman (Claire V.) is snooping around a motel suite. The girl finds a pile of rope and duct tape. As Wonder Woman looks at them, the girl is quickly grabbed from behind.  A short time later, the lovely girl finds herself bound and gagged on a couch, her magic lasso and bracelets gone.