Sex: female

Available for shooting: yes


Eye color: brown

Hair color: red

Weight: 119 lbs

Height: 67 in

Size of dress: 2 (according to US standard)

Size of shoes: 9 (according to US standard)

Size of bra: 32DDD


Private Eye

Available collections

Missing Cheerleader 0
2018-08-05 Bella Ink 15:47 minutes Bondage, Redhead

Missing Cheerleader

Missing Cheerleader 0
2018-08-04 Bella Ink 177 images Bondage, Costume, Redhead

Missing Cheerleader

Bella Ink Private Eye 0
2018-06-01 Bella Ink 211 images Bondage, Hogtie, Redhead

Bella Ink Private Eye